Insulated Window Blankets

Our custom Roman Shades are made of Warm Window fabric, which is a four layer, quilted material designed to stop energy loss through windows.  It provides the highest r-value available meaning; this material will stop more energy loss than any other window treatment on the market.  With fifty five percent of all energy in the United States going to heating and cooling and eighty to eighty-five percent of that energy going out the windows and doors, our insulated window treatments are one answer to energy savings. Along with being extremely cost effective, they are a beautiful addition to any décor.  Available in 14 different colors and designed to be a flat roman shade, they easily go up and down, looking beautiful in either position. They are easy to maintain with very little care involved. We guarantee these shades will save you money for years to come!

These shades can be used the same way in which you use your current blinds or drapes. You don’t have to keep your windows blacked out;  you simply let the shades down when you are not using a room, at night, or when you leave your house.

The Energy Center's insulated roman shades cost no more than other custom window treatments of the same nature. The only difference is that these will pay for themselves and continue to save money for years to come.

Depending on your current window treatment, you may be able to the keep the curtains or valances you have now and just add the insulating factor.

The layers of our insulated fabric are comprised of:  Lining with fabric protector; High density needled holo fibers; Reflective polythylene moisture/vapor barrier; Metallicized mylar with air trapping fibers.  The R-value in material prevents energy from flowing through it.  The higher the R-Value of a material, the greater its insulating capacity.  Some R-Values are:

1.  Single glazed windows......R 1.3.                 
2. Insulated glass with air space.......R 1.61.
3. Outside storm window with air space......R 1.78.
4. Solar shade over single glazed window......R 7.69.

As you can see, our solar shades provide the greatest energy efficiency.

Solar shades are carefully engineered to combat the four major causes of loss associated with windows:

1.  Conduction is reduced by trapped air spaces between the fibers and layers of insulated fabric.
2.  Infiltration is reduced by the impervious polyethylene and tight fit of the shade in the opening.
3.  Convection is also reduced by the tight fit inside of the window opening.
4.  Radiation is reduced by the reflective mylar which reflects heat back into the home in winter and reflect solar gain outward during the summer.

Insulated Window Blankets require a snug fit and an inside mount is preferred.  However, there are some instances, such as a French door, where an outside mount is required.  In that case, follow the instructions for an outside mount.


3’ x 3’                                      $  95.00

3’ x 4’                                      $155.00

3’ x 5’                                      $185.00

3’ x 6’                                      $220.00

4’ x 4’                                      $210.00

4’ x 5’                                      $235.00

4’ x 6’                                      $255.00

5’ x 5’                                      $260.00

5’ x 6’                                      $295.00

6‘ x 6‘                                      $325.00


3‘ x 6‘ 8”                                 $225.00

4‘ x 6‘ 8”                                 $255.00

5‘ x 6‘ 8”                                 $285.00

6‘ x 6‘ 8”                                 $360.00

3‘ x 8‘                                      $245.00

4‘ x 8‘                                      $345.00

5‘ x 8‘                                      $375.00

6‘ x 8‘                                      $395.00

For standard UPS shipping add 10% of the order amount.  Expect 3-4 weeks for delivery. Major credit cards accepted. Sorry, no refunds or returns on custom orders. Call for color swatches.



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