Wind Energy

Are you a good candidate for wind power?  If you have an average wind speed of 4 mph or more, a wind powered battery charging system would be a cost effective way to produce power.  Combining a wind powered system with a solar photovoltaic system would be more effective if you only have wind available part of the time.   Most wind turbines deliver maximum power at a wind speed of 30mph.  Wind speed measured at ground level is approximately 1.5 times the wind speed 30 feet up or 3 times the power. 

Wind generators should be mounted 20 feet higher than any obstruction within 300ft to avoid turbulance.  Wind generators can be mounted on roofs if they are 500 watts or less but may be noisy.  A better option is a freestanding tower, guyed tower or guyed pole.  They can also be mounted on freestanding antennae towers which requires an engineered concrete base for support but do not require guy wires allowing them to be installed in a smaller place.  Guyed steel truss towers are less expensive and require a large area for guy wire placement.  Tilt-up pole towers are the most economical and easiest to install.

The Energy Center offers many wind turbines and will guide you in determining which system will meet your residential or commercial needs.  We are pleased to offer competitive pricing on product and installation. 

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